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Dearest Farm Friends,

In March of 2014, we opened our cute little gourmet eatery in downtown Lehighton. Since then, we’ve served countless meals, sweets, and deli items.

We’ve met tons of wonderful and loyal friends and customers  (and customers who’ve become friends!) who have helped the business continue to grow and thrive. But alas, we’ve got some bittersweet news to tell you: We have received official confirmation that the building is selling, and we’ve been given notice.

We regret to inform you that the 14 Acre Farm Gourmet Eatery will be permanently shutting its doors on Saturday, June 24th, 2017.

While this means an end to our little First Street bubble of happiness, it certainly does not mean an end to 14 Acre Farm! In fact, we’ve already purchased a mobile kitchen, so there will be no interruption whatsoever in our catering services. And a 14 Acre Farm mobile kitchen practically screams, “what good times can we serve up with THIS thing!?” (Oh man….wait til you see it! It’s so cool!)

This also does not mean an end to a place to get delicious sweets in downtown Lehighton! We look forward to checking out what  Blended Bakery is going to serve, and we encourage you to check it out as well – rumor has it they have awesome vegan and gluten-free options!

The 14 Acre Farm crew is an amazingly flexible team of incredible people full of exciting new ideas, so you can be sure we’ll have some excellent entrepreneurial adventures to tell you about soon.

In the meantime, you can still eat our bomb-diggity dive bar food at our sister location, Union Publick House.

We’ll no longer be baking bread, but we will have vegetables for sale at the farm again as soon as we get all settled and determine some hours (stay tuned!) We’re not sure what to do about gift certificates that are still out there, so if you have one, we would encourage you to use it.

A whole-hearted THANK YOU to all of our lovely customers who have supported us through all of our adventures so far- we will miss our time with you, and look forward to seeing you again very soon!

oxox The Eatery Crew–Kevin, Sara, Denege, Rosemary, & Maria

158 S. First St, Lehighton, PA 18235 

Open Wed – Sat  8am-2pm

Phone #: 484-661-1458