About The Farm

14 Acre Farm started in 2004. From the beginning, we’ve been serious about growing, baking, and cooking using the best local ingredients we can get our hands on, often growing them ourselves.¬† In an average growing season, we grow about 200+ varieties of fresh, chemical-free produce! We follow all organic standards and believe that the best food comes from good quality soil and hard work, not synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

The farm started out as a partnership, fun project, and open-land preservation between friends Albert, Mary Anne, Sara, & Kevin, and has slowly evolved over the past 7 years to what it is today:

  1. A chemical-free farm providing top-quality produce and fresh baked bread  to gourmet restaurants, farmers markets, and our own small CSA.
  2. A top quality farm-to-table catering service that cooks simply the best sustainable local food around.

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