We’re tinkering with our website right now, so it’s looking crazy at the moment! Hopefully it will be regular again soon & you can navigate it just fine in the meantime. If not, email me- sara@14acrefarm.com. Thanks!


p.s. 14 Acre Farm Gourmet Eatery is closed for Winter break, but will re-open on Wed., Feb. 11th!

What is 14 Acre Farm? 

  • A sustainable, chemical-free vegetable farm and CSA.
  • bakery specializing in fresh bread made with organic flour.
  • farm-to-table catering company, featuring happy people. serving up the freshest, most delicious local food on the planet.
  • An old-timey folk band that sings original songs of local food lore.

Yes, we do that. And that. Especially that!  And, well..yeah, we do that too. 

Welcome to 14 Acre Farm. 

We grow food, bake food, serve food, and even sing about food. If you like food, you’ll like us, your friendly local farmers.